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Welcome to BRENSEL

Where Hospitality Grows

Brensel Hospitality is a qualified and highly flexible consultancy for hotel owners, investors, developers, and  creditors. 

Hotel Owners look to us for expertise in operations and performance. 

Investors depend on our analysis of operating proformas, income statements and market studies.

Hotel developers who don’t have the luxury of a full development team depend on Brensel to support their pre-development business planning, general design, financing, construction, and turnkey activities. 

Brensel Hospitality also works closely with Elliott Bay Asset Solutions to assist debtors and creditors with distressed assets.

What's in the Box

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Receivership Support Services

Brensel has a strategic partnership with Elliott Bay Asset Solutions - a Bellevue, WA-based company that offers professional receivership services based on a unique blend of receivership, real estate, business and legal expertise.  We are in a strong position to help debtors and creditors to solve complex issues related to a wide range of asset distress.  For more information about receiverships (and alternative to bankruptcy), please give us a call or visit

Market Analysis

Hotel Operations Analysis and Support

Every hotel has opportunity, regardless of its management.  BHC brings a fresh perspective to hotel operations and completes thorough analysis that reveals untapped hotel performance. 

Outcomes vary by hotel, and opportunities may come from improved Revenue Management, Management Coaching or Training, Asset Re-positioning, Preventative Maintenance Program, HR policies, Operating Procedures, or others.

A best case scenario will leave your operations team with a renewed sense of accountability, and a process through which to continuously improve every aspect of the operation, from procedural efficiency to building condition.

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Asset Planning

Planning to sell or optimize your Equity Reversion is a critical part of holding real estate, and usually the most exciting.  Increasing your hotel's NOI or EBITDA by as little as $50,000/year can increase its value by more than $500,000 so clearly, a bit of work ahead of time is well-worth it.

The hotel reversion strategy is often designed as much as five years before the desired closing date, depending on the hotel's size, complexity, and its ability to adapt.  Implementing a strategy can be effective in as little as two years but generally, the more time we have to fine-tune things, the better the result.

The objectives outlined in your plan will be guided by a calculus of operational efficiency, the market cycle, asset cycle, economic metrics and the investor's personal goals.  

BHC can help you get it right.

Business Meeting

Strategic Planning and Consultation

One person's new thought can catalyze (and handicap) an entire company's creativity and performance.  BHC can help you unlock and revitalize your company's source of insight and get you back on track.

If you believe there is untapped potential or opportunity in your hotel or business, take the next step and call us for an introductory consultation.  Someone who has dealt with a problem for a long time often finds the solution to be much more simple than expected.

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Development Services

Site Selection

Supply/Demand Analysis and Market Study

Operating pro forma

Loan Sizing and Capital Stack Structure

Investment Analysis

Development Packages and Supporting Collateral

Owner Representation and Support

Critical Path Development

Project Supervision and Quality Assurance

Asset Management Planning

CapEx Decision Support (e.g. NPV analyses)

FF&E Support

Recruiting Support

Hotel Opening Support


Why Brensel?

Informed      Strategic      Experienced      Thorough

Hotels can be a fantastic real estate investment that deliver excellent cash flows throughout the holding period, and lucrative returns at time of sale.  Creating value along this timeline is essential, and operational adjustments typically show results very quickly. 

Virtually all hotels are different and require a unique approach to enhance its valuation and equity return.   BHC provides the experience investors and owners need to identify opportunities and help ensure the asset achieves its full potential.  We carefully evaluate the characteristics of your business to develop tailored, executable solutions.

BHC is currently focused on receivership work, real estate strategic planning, and re-opening support for the hospitality industry.  

Hotel Owners and Investors are welcome to contact us for a no-charge conversation about our confidence and ability to help.


Lennart Bentsen founded BHC to pursue his passion for value creation and development in the hospitality industry.  His 20+ years of industry experience ranges from front-line operations to being an effective management company executive.  During the past six years his work has also involved hotel development activities and pre-opening support.  He is serious about improvement opportunities in the value chain, preferring data and analysis that support risk-adjusted decisions and maximize profitability.

Lennart has a BBA from Colorado Tech, an AS from the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA), certified in Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management by Cornell University, and is an AH&LA Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) designee. 

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