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Advance Your Career

We are excited to promote job opportunities with companies that are collaborating with Brensel to find candidates that are a great fit for both the employee and the employer.

When you realize the any of these opportunities could lead to the next great chapter in your life and career, we want you to contact us by clicking the link below.

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General Manager - Boutique Hotel

At the La Conner Inn, the General Manager oversees all daily and supports the administrative functions of this independently branded boutique hotel.  Yes, we feel strongly that you need to have hotel general management experience to do well in this unique position.

Located in the picturesque downtown of La Conner, WA, the La Conner Inn is an opportunity for the General Manager who loves to create a unique guest experience environment through autonomy and entrepreneurship over operating practices and hospitality culture.  This GM gets to decide how to tailor the guest experience, rather than abide by hotel franchise requirements and program rules that are often so strict that they can constrain the hospitality experience.

This opportunity requires excellent general management skills, because here, the GM is empowered to create unparalleled experiences through ideation and entrepreneurship.  The GM can mold the guest experience into their own vision of hospitality excellence, and we will be there to help you succeed. 


How do YOU define hospitality?  How do YOU want to run the hotel?  We want to hear your ideas, and we want you to try new things.  

If this sounds EXCITING, you know what to do:

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